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The High Tech Process:

Step One: After the accident

Our Collision Repair services cover everything from the moment you’re in an accident all the way to getting back on the road again.

That means that, with just a quick call to our team, we’ll be on hand to handle all of the logistics after the crash, from getting your vehicle towed to our garage to arranging a rental car for you or sending out one of our team to pick you up or drop you home.

After the accident
Assessing the damage

Step Two: Assessing the damage

When you’re ready, we’ll arrange a time for you to stop by the garage so that we can go over the vehicle together.

This isn’t just an opportunity to assess the damage and spot all of the problems that need fixing; it’s also a chance to pick our brains about insurance, ways to keep the costs down or any other questions you might have.

With 29 years of experience, our team will be able to tell you when it might be better to avoid making an insurance claim, whether the cost of a repair will make a difference to the trade-in value of the car or whether there are alternative parts that may be able to keep costs down.

Once you’ve taken a look over our estimate (which includes a detailed breakdown of the costs of materials, parts and labour) and agreed to the work, we’ll discuss the time-frame and book your car in for repair.

Step Three: Getting your vehicle as good as new again

Whether your car needs a brand new frame or a small dent taken out of the door, our approach never changes:

‘If this were my vehicle, this is how I would want it done’.

Even on the smallest jobs, we’ll make sure that everything is done correctly, no corners are cut and – most importantly – when the job is finished, you won’t be able to tell where the damage was.

Getting your vehicle as good as new again
Getting your vehicle as good as new again

Step Four: The finishing touches

After every repair, we’ll inspect your car one last time to make sure there’s not the slightest trace of damage left.

After that, we run a full diagnostic check to make sure everything is in full working order, give it a professional clean (inside and out) and then call you to come and pick up your good-as-new vehicle.

Frame straightening

A damaged frame doesn’t just affect the performance of your car by causing premature tyre wear, suspension problems, poor fuel economy, and uneven steering; it also makes the car dangerous to drive.

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Repairing or replacing damaged parts

For the past 29 years, we’ve been taking the stress out of collisions and crashes by using our expertise to restore our customers’ damaged cars to their former glory.

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Painting and colour-matching

There’s nothing worse than a repaired panel that doesn’t quite match the rest of the vehicle. We use computer technology to mix a paint that perfectly matches the colour of your vehicle.

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Whether your vehicle needs a completely new frame or some minor damage repaired, our technicians have been repairing and restoring of vehicles of all makes, shapes and sizes for 29 years, so you’re in safe hands.

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What our customers have to say

  • High Tech Collision did an amazing repair. Looks perfect. :) I picked up my car yesterday (June 13th, 2013) and returned the rental to them. They are a wonderful group that handled the entire process and inconvenience with a personal and professional touch. L. Charron
  • Just wanted to say THANK YOU for taking such great care of my car and for helping me out. I REALLY appreciate it!!! :) B. Sendorek
  • Thanks for the great job and service. K. Gladwish
  • High Tech Collision, Friendly and Courteous from start to finish, Fabulous Job and Great Service. D. Hill